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Magnificent Results With Staging Investment Property!

When I hear 26% ROI on investment property I don’t anticipate there was staging involved.  I figure they put a lot of good new stuff into the home and got the money back out fast.


It was fast.  37 days to be exact.  Look at the simple staging, and what spectacular results!!

The home was purchased by the flipper on 3/9/11 at $280,000 After new upgrades it was listed on 5/10/2011 for $389,000. We staged it on 12/2/11 and it sold on 1/8/12 for $385,000.  The home was on the market 206 days before staging and 37 days after staging it was sold. It sold for 99% of the list price at an estimated $73,000 gross profit to the owner.  It’s estimated that the investers put around $20,000 into the home in upgrades.

This home was staged by Linda Barnett, who is a SAR instructor.  For more information on the SARs suite of Stager Training Programs, click the highlighted words.


Stagers And Classic Design Motifs

I recently reviewed the work of Michele Kurelich for the SARs Stager Training site: she’s one of the most popular trainers there.

Notice the circular design motif.  Michele starts that motif in the artwork on the dramatic orange wall and then carries it onto the left wall with a series of circular mirrors.  It’s then on the pillows on the sofa underneath, and the accessories on the side table – the ceramic tic-tac-toe game.  ON the right hand side of the room, you’ll see a round basket and a lovely spherical vase of flowers.

That’s excellent design and GREAT staging!  Simply by replicating a design motif like a circle thoroughly around a room, a harmonious space has been created.  A room that is soothing yet alive thanks to the orange.  Rather than the orange being an alarmingly bright color, all the circles soften it to just a vibrant fun accent wall.

Good, eh?




Problem Wallpaper – A Home Staging Nightmare


What do  you do when there’s a problem wallpaper in a house about to go on the market for sale?

Stager Training Faculty member, Bernadette Flaim simply incorporated the mad kitchen pallette in to the whole house and “made it work“.

See the glorious results, below:-

RESA 2012 Staging Company Of The Year Winner


It’s not often that I see a new model on how to run a staging business.  After running my own staging practice for 8 years in suburban New Jersey, I reckoned I had seen it all!  Then I chatted with Jessica Pirone, of Just Perfect Home Staging + More.  Her method of carefully selecting which clients she’ll take on, which packages they have to have or her work is pointless, and her awarding a seal of approval is an admirable, skillful new approach to helping sellers get the job of selling their home done fast and smart. 

Just Perfect has saved sellers upwards of $64,000 and consistently gone to contract in less than 90 days.  Yes!  In 2011, on every project!

You can even train with this company via the Staging And Redesign training program.  SAR= Staging And Redesign, is a well-respected industry designation with only the top, most elite stagers training for it.  Find more details here – SAR training program.


Stager Training Tip: Karen Otto’s Texas Two-Step

Stager Trainer, Karen Otto, offers the Texas Two-Step and then maxes the effort with beautiful, professional photos in this fabulous Texas home staged for sale

Stager Trainer Creates Remarkable Staging, Telling Story

The bottom line with this Staging and Redesign Trainer is that while her work is extraordinary beautiful, the price of the property is ALWAYS key.  Great staging will sell a house … at the right price.  


WITH home staging, that price might be a little higher, and the transaction might go a little more smoothly (after all, once a house is properly prepared to go to market, there’s often a lot less on the Home Inspection list to fix) but in the era of super-savvy, informed buyers, it’s never going to cross a value bracket.


This house helped sell the competition.  Sadly, now that it’s one of the few remaining in the price bracket, it’s empty – the staging contract was only for 3 months – and the only thing selling it is the pictures.

For more photos of this home staging and lots more, please visit the Staging and Redesign website.